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Hotel Jobs in UK

Hotel Jobs in UK

United Kingdom is very popular for various things and one of then is its hotels. From the ancient castle shaped elite restaurants to some contemporary architecture and modern hotels, UK is a place of versatile tastes and cultures that shows in their choice of foods, décor of hotels as well as the etiquette they portray. UK is also popular for its jobs and the money it pays because it pays well if you have the skills and are good at your job. In this article there are various job vacancies and positions mentioned that you can apply for. The best part is, some require a degree while a lot of these don’t require any specific degree or education. Keep reading till the end to get amazed with the number of options you can get if you want to work in a hotel.

Types of Jobs and Posts in UK Hotels
A hotel is made up of many different posts, people and things. It is not a small journey and thus, every single person is important in a hotel. Some of the types of jobs and posts in the hotels of UK are:

Here are few jobs in UK Hotels:
1. Receptionist – Hilton London Kensington Hotel
Siemens Careers | Energy and Engineering Job Vacancies
Company Name Siemens
Job Location USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India
Nationality Any Nationality Can Apply
Education Equivalent Diploma/Degree
Experience Preferred
Salary Range Depending Upon Job Title
Employee Benefits & Perks Attractive
Apply Now:
2. Night Receptionist – Hilton London Olympia
Hilton London Olympia Hotel UK
Apply Now:
3. Receptionist – Conrad London St.James
Conrad London St James Hotel UK
Apply Now:
4. Top Paying Jobs in UK without Degree

Manager Jobs in UK Hotels
Of course a manager, he/she is the most important person because a manager is the one who looks after every thing and manages the entire hotel. For a manager’s post, almost every bog hotel in the UK requires a degree in management from a good and reputed institution. Even if you are not UK born and bred and have acquired your education somewhere else, you can still get a job as a manager in UK hotels but along with a degree, your English needs to be remarkable. Furthermore, some other great qualities in a manager needs to be, bilingual or multilingual. If you know other languages, you have an advantage over all the other who don’t have such skills, so get them if you don’t. Also, a manager needs to be good with people. If you can’t handle your staff or can’t respect them, how will you handle the guests or the entire hotel? Hotels are made with people and UK takes etiquette seriously. Therefore, improve your PR and customer service skills.

Assistant Manager Jobs in UK Hotels
Now hotels as big as five star and 4 star ones can’t handle thongs with merely one manager and so there are posts like assistant managers. They help the manager run the hotel and assist in various things. It also requires the same qualifications and skills. The difference here is that a manager requires past experience as well but as an assistant manager, you can get away with less experience. Assistant managers are equally important and in most hotels, they are the ones who mostly handle everything along with a junior manager and spare the manager from most of the trouble.

Receptionist Jobs in UK Hotels
A receptionist might seem too many as an unimportant and unimpressive job but keep in mind, this is the one post that either makes a client or breaks one. From the moment the customer picks up the phone and dials the hotel number to them walking in the hotel to their room, a receptionist plays a huge role in this. The way they talk to the customers and clients to the way they smile and make them feel welcomed. This job doesn’t require any degree in most hotels in UK but in big hotels, a receptionist is required to have at least some basic education. Moreover it is an added bonus of you can speak multiple languages, though it is a requirement of only some hotels and not all.

Room Attendant Jobs in UK Hotels
A room attendant is someone who attends people and their needs in their rooms when they call him or her. They are people who will bring your room service, show you your room, will have it cleaned by cleaning staff and take care of other things you ask them to. A room attendant is not one post but usually there are many vacancies in hotels for them and the job doesn’t require a degree or past experience. Though some hotels may ask you for some past experience but not all. Also, if you know good English and are good with talking to people, you can have a good chance of being selected. For the skills that you don’t have, no worries, the hotels also teach their staff the skills for their jobs.

Assistant Chef Jobs in UK Hotels
Chefs also have different categories in hotels and they get promoted as well just like in every other department. The assistant chef is an important person in the kitchen because he/she helps the head chef as well as works on their own dishes and courses .the job requires some experience as well as some diploma or degree from a a school.

Head Chef Jobs in UK Hotels
You can get the job of a head chef as well but only if you have the qualification, skills and a lot of experience. But if you have these things, than you can apply for a head chef job in the UK hotels. However if you are applying from a foreign country and are not British or don’t know their foods, you might need to take extra classes to learn the recipes of the foods being cooked in the hotels of UK. A head chef normally is not required to know too many languages, the magic is in what they are cooking, though it is important to know the requirements of the individual hotel that you are applying for. Normally in the big hotels that host a large number of people, there are more vacancies of chefs, however almost all the hotels have only one head chef position, but one can get there with time and promotions. The hotels also train their chefs to learn the recipes that they offer in their setups so that is a plus point too.

Lifeguard Jobs in UK Hotels
There are so many posh and 5 star hotels in the UK that have a swimming pool in them and for that there are a number of facilities required. One of the most important jobs in this department is of the lifeguard. Though one must be clear about this, a lifeguard’s work is quite tough because of the huge responsibility of the people and even kids in the pool so they need to be alert and efficient. But this is a job that doesn’t require a degree or a qualification. It just needs great swimming skills, good command on the English language and first skills. Men and women both can be lifeguards but there are some hotels that have some preferences or rules about this where a man is the lifeguard in men and boys swimming time and a woman is on the lifeguard duty in women and girls swimming time.

Waiters Jobs in UK Hotels
Waiters are one of the essential part of elite hotels because unlike the fast food chains where you have to go and grab your meal your self and that too served in a paper plate with plastic spoon and fork, the posh hotels of the world have waiters. Even the in the small restaurants and hotels, there are waiters that serve you and take you orders. A good thing about this job is that waiters get paid by the hotel too but the customers that dine in there also pay tip to the waiters as so they have this chance of earning a little extra money. The job also doesn’t require any degree and the hotels in uk teach the necessary skills to their waiters so they are trained as well. You can apply there in any hotel, and train to get hired.

Pool Boy/Girl Jobs in UK Hotels
Though some people think of pool boys and pool girls as life guards but their job basically is to take care of the swimming pool and be there to see of people need anything. Of course they need to be skilled at swimming and so that is a skill they need to acquire. But other than than, their work is a little different than that of a lifeguard’s. In some hotels in the UK, the lifeguard does this job of a pool boy as well as his own but in most hotels, a pool boy has a separate job and a lifeguard has a separate position. If you want to apply for this job, you don’t need a degree or a diploma in general and good skills are all that are needed. But in some hotels, there are some other requirements that one needs to fulfil. That varies from place to place and hotel to hotel. What you can do is to check out the hotel you are applying for, see their requirements and acquire them if you can to apply for the job.