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Top Paying Jobs in UK Without Degree

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Top Paying Without Degree Jobs in UK

In this article we will see what are the highest paying jobs in UK that do not require a college degree and why they are top paying ones. UK is knows as a popular spot for hunting jobs and people from various parts of the world come to UK for education, living and getting jobs. There are so many job opportunities for people of different ages and fields, with and even without degrees. From students of high school to proper degree holders having a professional status, UK is a job hub and a great country for multiple earning opportunities. However in this specific article we will focus on the high paying jobs that might be a little different from most people’s skill set, proving to be hard but they surely make good money.

Firefighters can earn up to £40,000 per year, depending on their rank and thus it is the top paying job in the United Kingdom. Though the job seems to be hard and demanding great amount if hours and energy, it pays pretty well knowing that one doesn’t need a three or four year degree for it. When the team or companies take in the firefighters, they give them the necessary training for some months so that the firefighters become skilled and then the job starts. It is a little tricky and sometimes dangerous because of constantly dealing with fire but proper training and being careful on duty can be enough for the safety.

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Police Constable
Becoming a politician constable also doesn’t require any special degree and one can get in to any police training academy with the basic education from any high school. This job is again manual labour and requires long hours of duty and a lot of energy consumption but the hard work doesn’t go in vain and thus it pays very well. Therefore if those of you who like tough jobs, keeping discipline and also like to workout and train, becoming a police constable can be a good job for you that also offers a handsome salary.

One of the most popular trends today in the business and professional world is becoming an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are basically people who can handle multiple things one their own. They are independent and work on their own rather than needing an entire organisation to help them run something. If you are creative and have leadership qualities, than becoming an entrepreneur can be one good option for you. They run their own businesses as well as brands. Moreover even some companies hire them to work with them for sometime and use their creative abilities in different departments to upgrade the functionality of the organisation. Entrepreneurship also doesn’t require any special degree and thus anyone anywhere can become one. However it will be helpful if you read books on entrepreneurship and watch some videos, talk to experienced people in the field to get to know more tips on becoming a creative and influential entrepreneur.

Train and Tram Drivers
Train and tram drivers are also highly paid and for this one doesn’t need a degree but basic driving skills. Even if the company won’t train you, the best thing about this job is that you can learn from a good instructor anywhere and just need to pass the driving test. Now one shouldn’t be mistaken, these tests are very hard to pass but not impossible and thus with training and practice, chances of getting selected increase.

Project Manager
Project managing best for those people who like to organise and are good at planning things. This is equally a highly paying job and demands time management and the ability to communicate well with people. One can become a project manager without any special qualification for that. However, some companies and organisations tend to train the people in the first couple of months when they hire project managers so that can cover for the lack of knowledge.

Air Traffic Controllers
An equally challenging job but a very different one from the usual ones, air traffic controllers sit in the control rooms and are required to monitor the skies through their screens. Their job is communicating with the aircraft and aeroplane pilots that are flying about the directions, weather as well as other planes in the vicinity in the skies. This job requires a good eye sight and active mind because it is a tough job and many lives depend on it. However it pays well and one can learn while training with an already skilled person on duty.

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