Visa and Immigration

An Overview of UK Visa And Immigration

An Overview of UK Visa And Immigration

UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) is a division of the Home Office in charge of the United Kingdom’s visa framework. It was established in 2013 from the segment of the UK Border Agency that had regulated the visa framework. Then Home Secretary, Theresa May, declared the annulment of the UK Border Agency on 26 March 2013, with the goal that its work would be come back to the Home Office. The office’s official organization status was evacuated, and inside it was apart, with one division in charge of the visa framework and the other for immigration enforcement. The dependable Minister for this purpose is the Minister of State for Immigration. Sarah Rapson, the Registrar General for England and Wales, was designated as between time Director General of UK Visas and Immigration. Her position was influenced changeless on 5 March 2014.

UK is a tremendous place to live because of its British language, richest cultural, prevalent economy and Government strategies. In present days United Kingdom is well valued place where every person from this world wants to live forever, or at least visit this country once. If we consider its historic sites, landscapes or monarchy and modern government and wonders of architecture, we can say that everything in UK is very influential and exciting. Architectural astonishments like the London tower, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, London Eye, The Big Ben, 30 St Mary Axe, Stonehenge and so on. Living in the UK has its own meaning and uniqueness. National Britain’s are considered very proud and rude because of their British citizenship but generally modest and tolerant to foreign nationals or people. United Kingdom is the six largest economy of the world, and it has no lack for foreign nationals of jobs, employment and studentship chances. As we go through for the education system of UK, it has been seen as a superior for many centuries. The Cambridge University, Oxford University, and other major universities e.g. Glasgow and research centers which are situated in the UK have always attracted foreign students for their study and research purposes. Environment of UK is also very desirable and praiseworthy.

Location of UK Visa & Immigration

UKVI is spread all around the country for the facility of the people. It is located on the following areas.

  • Belfast
  • Cardiff
  • Croydon
  • Glasgow
  • Liverpool
  • London
  • Sheffield
  • Solihull

As demand grows for several types of visas to UK for example General Visitor visa, Worker visas and the study visas government of UK has become more restrictive and selective in granting these Visas. Migrating to Great Britain has become more challenging especially in the past few years because new government in power and chances of illegal entries of foreign people are very higher than before. But, the UK’s government has decided new regulations of law to restrict illegal immigration, but the channels of legal immigration have been also affected by this unique method.

Everything about the UK Visa process and immigration has become more difficult and challenging including eligibility criteria for apply and other visa requirements. You must come across the English language prerequisite, be capable to support yourself throughout your stay, score 95 points and be at minimum 16 years of age.

In such a challenging and restrictive environment, it is obligatory to take assistance of trustworthy and honest immigration consultants.

Steps in Visa processing and Immigration to UK

There are some steps which you have to adopt for immigration and visa processing to UK.  In these necessary steps, first is go for Visa for all types of UK visa including work visa, student visa, and general visit visa but remember one thing if you have anyone who is citizenship holder of  UK  and want to sponsors you, you got plus point.  Citizenship holder should be the university professor for student visa or member of your family for visitor visa etc. In this website we guide you and refer you toward experienced and trustworthy immigration consultants who have known how to ease your difficulty in the UK immigration and visa process. Our immigration consultants who are experienced, first ensure that you are applicable for all the visa requirements as per the recent guidelines for example by go through your medical examination and document because having UK visa and immigration is not very easy for common man, and then help you in preparing and lodging your visa application through the right immigration and visa channel.

Step 1: Know Your Visa Type

Before you begin, you should know whether you require a visa, and which visa you need to apply for. Visit the UK government site for visas and migration in Pakistan for additional data on UK visa sorts. VFS Global is not engaged with the basic leadership process and can’t impact the result of your visa application. The UK government Decision Making Center (DMC) will settle on the choice.

Step 2: How To Apply?

Now when you know that which visa you are applying for, comes the point when you have to know about how to apply for UK visa. Here is the step by step guide to apply for a UK Visa.

Stage 1

Visit the UK government site for visas and migration in Pakistan and apply for a visa online at AccessUK.

Stage 2

To finish the application procedure, you should book and go to an arrangement at the visa application focus in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Mirpur. All UK visa candidates are required to book an arrangement preceding accommodation. You can discover more data on the ‘book of arrangement’ or the Document agenda pages.

Stage 3

Upon the arrival of your meeting, plan to arrive 15 minutes ahead of schedule at the visa application focus. Bring your arrangement letter and application pack, your travel permit which is passport a photo (just for bio metrics exempted candidates), confirm that you have paid your application expense and a moment substantial type of ID (CNIC for Pakistani candidates, Tazkira for Afghan candidates).

When you reach at the visa application point you will have to get a token. Hold up until the point when your token is called to make your application. If it’s not too much trouble clutch your receipt as you will require this later to get your reports.

Stage 4

Enlist your fingerprints and photo (known as bio metric data accumulation) at the visa application focus. This incorporates a computerized finger filter (every one of the 10 digits) and an advanced photo. The finger check method utilizes an electronic scanner. No ink, fluid or compound. You ought to guarantee that your fingertips are free from any types of beautification (for instance, henna), cuts, scraped spots or different markings as these may influence your capacity to give satisfactory finger checks. Your advanced photo must be brought with full face and without shades or tinted scenes, or head covering unless it is worn for religious or medicinal reasons. Your face ought to be unmistakably obvious with no hair over the eyes. We can’t process your visa in the event that you don’t present your bio metric data.

Step 3: After Submission

Track your application

After a choice has been influenced your records, it will be accessible for you to lift them up face to face from the visa application center. In the event that you think there is anything miss with your visa address staff at the visa application center promptly. On the other hand, you can contact UK Visas and Immigration’s Contact Center.