Factory workers needed in New Zealand

The well productive company of New Zealand introduced bundles of jobs for the people who want to make their carrier and want to settle their life according to their will. This is great opportunity for the job seekers.

Each job is different from the other one and the good thing is that no basic education or experience is required for the job the only thing that required is just a little bit knowledge about work.

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Settled down in abroad is not such an easy thing. It is really a great opportunity to settle down in abroad with family.

Jobs announced by the company are given below

Jobs title

  • Manager
  • Assistant manager
  • Material packer
  • Cashier
  • Cleaner
  • Security guard
  • Cafeteria staff

Salary package

Salary packages will be different for every post and also its depends upon the rank of employee. Salary packages will be increased by time


As with salary packages company also announced some allowances for the employer  such as

  • Full furnishes residences will be provided
  • Transport will be provided to employee
  • Medical will be free for employee
  • Salary will be increased by time
  • Visa will be free for employee


There is no other requirement like education or experience. The thing that needed is just little bit knowledge about the job.


Company has some rules and regulations that are mandatory to follow by employee. The most basic rule is that an employee cannot resign or leave the company without permission of in charge. Part-time job with another company will not be allowed by company.

How to apply

To get more information about jobs and to apply for this job click on FACTORY WORKERS JOBS.

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