Popular Burger Chains in UK

Most Popular Burger Chains in UK

Fast food chains are growing with the passage of time due to a number of reasons. The world has become a global village and with that, the time has somehow taken speed, running much faster than in the previous decades. That has made everyone’s routine and life pretty much busy and hectic enough that people don’t have time to cook. This has also happened because of long working hours, no time to cook but also because people are tired all the time.

Besides who wants to cook themselves when restaurants and fast food chains have got you covered by making your food in 15-20 minutes, some times even quicker in merely 5-10 minutes. So in this article we will see what are the most popular burger chains in UK you can go to with your family and enjoy a variety of food options instead of merely the burgers and fried food.

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Five Guys
Five guys is the United Kingdom’s most popular burger food chain with not just the burger as a popular food item but many more. Their menu consists of burgers, various fries options, beef dogs that include hot dogs and sausages, many different sandwich options, toppings of your choice, they also have a separate breakfast category. Last but the most favourite one, the best part is that Five Guys has a whole variety of milkshake and drinks that you can order even if you don’t want to have a proper meal or a heavy one. It has its branches in London, south east, north west, east of England, West midlands, south west, Yorkshire and the Humber, East Midlands, North East, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Next in our list is Nano’s which is yet another very popular fast food chain that is also known for its delicious burgers and their fire-starters. After the starters comes the main menu that consists of the most favourite peri peri chicken. In the main course they also have burgers, pittas and wraps. Nando’s also has a separate category under the main menu for special guests. Salads also come under their main menu. They also have some side dishes that you can choose to eat with either the starters or with the main dishes. Next is the list if desserts at Nando’s that includes, frozen yogurt, gelado, cakes, brownies and natas. The drinks offered at Nando’s include soft drinks, Go bottomless, coffee, hot drinks, wine, Bubbles, beer and cider. Thus this food chain covers a lot of different items that make the eating experience here quite amazing.

Who doesn’t know or have had McDonald’s in their life? Well everyone has had it and we all have loved their fries and burgers at some point. This has been one of the earliest fast food chains in the world that made their mark to this day before all the other burger chains started opening. McDonald’s has a variety of burgers that they keep adding more to, their popular burgers include the much appreciated fish burger and chuttni burger. The one thing different about McDonald’s is that it gives presents and toys for the kids in their family meal and happy meal. It also has soft drinks and dessert options as well as ice creams including the famous McFlurry and sundae. McDonald’s has chains all over the Britain in the popular spots. That is a great place to get some nuggets and perhaps fries for lunch break or to take the kids to.

Burger King
Burger king opened its first restaurant in 1954 and it has gotten very popular over the years. It also is a great place to go get your burgers from with a number of other dishes and drinks to take too. Along with the burgers, Burger King also has breakfast options, various salads including veggie salad, fresh salads and fish. It serves soft drinks and coffee. Then they have sides like fries and onion fries and deals for grownups as well as kids. Amazing part is, most of these fast food burger chains have desserts on their menu too, so you don’t have to go anywhere else to eat something sweet. Burger King also serves desserts and sweet dishes.

Subway is a unique burger food chain with no typical and traditional burgers. They are famous for their fresh ingredients as a filling and a number of freshly baked breads and loafs. Anyone who is in the mood for some refreshing burger that includes perhaps corns, smoked chicken, kale or spinach and maybe olives and mushroom must not forget subway because they have the nest burgers with these ingredients.


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