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Popular Museums in UK

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Most popular Museums and Galleries in UK

United Kingdom is popular for its century old Culture and the preservation of that culture, arts and heritage in the form of galleries and museums. There are a number of new and old galleries, theatres and museums spread in the entire UK that get tourists from all over the world. These places have ancient antique pieces stored for decades and even more. A country’s art and heritage is an important part of what builds up that nation and thus for centuries nations and societies have tried preserving and transferring those traditions, art, performances, antiques and other important aspects of its past.

In this article we have mentioned some of the most popular and most visited galleries as well as museums that are spread in different parts of UK from Scotland to Wales and Ireland and England. These galleries are not confined to merely arts and are also a home to other areas of human interests like sports and books. Read till the end to find out where you can ho to in order to see some good theatre performances or view some arts and sculptures, visit the museums as well as see different galleries of arts and sports.

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National Museum of Scotland
As the name suggests, this museum is located in Scotland in Edinburgh and is known as the 8th most visited museum in the United Kingdom. The building of this museum is a beautiful blend of modern and ancient architecture with elements taken from the contemporary architecture too. Light brown brick tiles cover the outside of the structure and the inside if the museum is divided in to two main portions. One portion is called as the Museum of Scotland and the other one is known as the Royal Museum.

Saatchi Gallery
Saatchi Gallery is an art gallery that hosts the modern and contemporary art pieces from different parts of the world. It has ancient pieces as well as the modern abstract pieces. The gallery was opened by Charles Saatchi in 1985 and had been shifted many times since then, currently being in London, England. The building of the gallery today consists of contemporary architecture with large pillar adorning the gallery and enhancing its grandeur. The architecture of the gallery is a masterpiece to behold itself, covered with lush green grass and some plantation.

National Portrait Gallery
Opened in the 1800s, this portrait gallery was the first of its kind in the world and even today serves as an inspiration and example to many artists, art lovers, architectures and portrait collectors around the world. National portrait gallery is a home to the portraits of many popular and well known personalities through out the centuries. The entire gallery is has specifically portraits as its main pieces of art and thus stands different and is quite unique from the rest of the galleries and museums of the world. The architecture is fine with large open spaces, portraits hung on the walls of it.

Science Museum
Situated in London and established in 1857, the Science Museum is the 6th most visited Museum in England and has a collection of many different kinds if scientific models. The architecture of the museum is open and spacious with gigantic halls hosting huge science models and projects. This is a perfect place to go to for not only increasing knowledge but to explore what has already been discovered and stored in these places since 1857. Not only science livers but also art lovers will enjoy this museum because of its beautiful architecture and the massive collections installed there.

Royal Academy of Arts
Located in the centre of London with a busy neighbourhood but exquisite views and an insight in to the traditional British lifestyle, Royal Academy of Arts is 250 years old and has produced one of the most popular and finest artists in the history. The academy has an artistic architecture with large halls, tall pillars and detailed design patterns on them. The academy is gigantic in nature, covering a wide range of land, making it look almost like a palace. The architecture of the academy us itself a masterpiece of art and architecture with a sculpture greeting the visitors in the courtyard at the entrance of the gallery.

National Football Museum
National football Museum is a dream for all the football lovers and fans. Its is the perfect place to go to if you live football and also are a collector of all things football. It is situated in the heart of Manchester and is the largest football museum in the world.

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