Perfumes From UK You Have Never Heard of

Perfumes From UK You Have Never Heard of

Who doesn’t love perfumes? Well everyone does. And you will be pleasantly surprised to know that the Britain is a home to one of the most popular perfume brands in the world of fragrances. If you visit UK, do not forget to check out the perfume stores and brands there. Though in this article, we
will not talk about the perfume brands yet but the top perfumes from united kingdom that have made the world crazy with their alluring scents. From citrusy and floral scents to the the clean and woody fragrances, brands of Britain produce all types of perfumes that fit the needs and desires of different people, genders and age groups.

Jo Malone’s Lime Basil and Mandarin Perfume
Jo Malone fragrances are one of the most popular ones in the UK as well as outside of the Britain. Although the perfume brand has many popular scents that have made their mark in the world of perfumery, this specific scent, Lime Basil and Mandarin is the signature scent of Jo Malone. The prominent upper notes of the scent include Lime and Mandarin that give the scent its slight citrusy vibe that is fresh and energetic, reminding one of summer evenings with rain and a lemonade.

Though the perfume doesn’t smell like lemonade, it does remind one of some refreshing days of their life. The base notes include Basil which is a popular item used in perfumes, gives the scents a very clean, deep and consuming effect. Thus Jo Malone’s this signature scent is one of the top
shopping list items for those who visit UK.

My Burberry perfume by Burberry London
Burberry is one of the UK tops brands in fashion, shoes, handbags and perfumes. The brand is quite popular for its signature beige coloured trench coat and the neutral colour plaid print in mufflers and scarves. My Burberry is a perfume that was launched in 2014 and has been a favourite scent for the women of London and other parts of UK. The most important note in this subtle floral fragrance is the patchouli which gives it a very alluring and inviting feel. Patchouli is used in many female fragrances that have this tempting allure, perfect for women who like floral yet fresh and clean fragrances. This was the base note, the other tones include Damascus and Centifolia rose. Both these ingredients give MY Burberry a delicate feminine feel. This is a great perfume to wear in if you are going to get some fish and chips in a cozy restaurant on a raining evening with your friends or family.

Perfume Lavender on the rock by Atkinsons
Lavender on the rock is a fragrance that uses the lavender in quite a pleasantly different way, combining it with the base notes of oud accord and guaiac  wood. Atkinsons have been producing perfumes in the city of London, UK, since 1799. Although rarely heard of, this is a popular and classy brand in the Britain and produces scents perfect for days and nights spent in the UK, complimenting its weather and surroundings even more. The upper notes of the scent include basil, an exquisitely refreshing herb, geranium and rose essence. Lavender is in the middle notes of the perfume that
make the entire fragrance divine and inviting. It’s a slightly warmer and cozy fragrance that is blended well with a tinge of that clean woody freshness. Lavender on the rock is definitely a fragrance you should buy when in UK.

Perfume Luna by Penhaligons
Luna is one of the most popular and quite fresh fragrances produced by the British perfume brand Penhaligons. It is for both men and women and is a combination of herbs and citrusy freshness. The fragrance has a variety of notes in it starting from the top notes that are lemon, bergamot and bitter orange. These ingredients give the perfume a very fresh and welcoming opening at the first sniff. After a few minutes the middle notes blend and and kick in making the scent of Luna smell floral and slightly sweet. The middle notes in the fragrance are rose, juniper berries and jasmine. The jasmine in it again gives a very fresh and clean scent to it. The base notes of the fragrance are balsam fir, musk and ambergris. The musk used in the base notes twists the smell of the perfume and makes it more towards the fresher, woodier side rather than all floral and citrus. Thus it is quite suitable for both men and women and is a popular fragrance in the UK.