Festivals in UK

Festivals in UK

Festivals in the UK are originally based on the cultural heritage of UK. People of UK are tend to remain busy all year so these festivals make them fresh and keep them together, Also , These festivals attract thousands of visitors. Some of the Festivals in UK are gathered up here. You must try all these festivals in UK if you are planning to visit.

1. Notting Hill Carnival
Notting hill carnival is one of the great and big festivals in UK. Is is held in every August. It tend to be the most thrilling carnivals. Thousands of people show up just to attend this festival in UK. All type of street food is offered in this Festival. Too much hot costumes and hottest dances are performed. Music of North India is played in the Festival in UK all day long.
Location of Event: Ladbroke Grove , London, UK
Dates of the Event: 25th to 27th August

2. Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Edinburgh Festival Fringe also takes place in the month of August. This is the second most popular and famous festival in UK. Theaters, concert halls, pubs, clubs, restaurants, warehouses, bars, school halls, churches, community centers and streets are taken by Venus for this festival.
Location of the Event: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Dates of Festival: 2nd to 26th August (Exact dates every year)

3. Glastonbury Music Festival
, Glastonbury Music Festival is one of the most loved festivals in UK. It is Music oriented Festival and mostly loved all around the planet. Massive people show up to attend this music festival in USA. It is treat of music, theater, comedy, dance, circus and many other performances based on this.
Location of Festival: Pilton, Somerset, England. Dates of Festival: 21st June to 25th June.

4. Brighton Festival
In the southcost Resort Town Most Joyful festival is held every May. During this event Firework, Music, Arts, Light show Performances, Circus, Theatre, Dance, Art , Film, Literature, Debate are held. Arts man of the city of Venus open their houses for visitors to see and purchase their art work and master pieces.

Location of the Festival: Brighton and Hove in England
Dates of the Festival: May

5. Buxton Festival
Buxton Festival is Classical music and opera Festival. It is being celebrated since 1979. It is hosted by Buxton, The quaint Derbyshire Peak District , Recently it is joined with Festival fringe the combined event now includes contemporary music, Jazz and movies.
Location of Festival: Buxton, UK
Date of Festival: July

6. Hadrian’s Wall Fire Festival
Romans build Hadrian’s Wall along the English/Scottish border to avoide marauding Scot clans. Much of that is still standing and every year is some of its part is illuminated by burning which makes a magical and spectacular environment over there. It is also called line of Fire.
Location of the Festival: Brampton,UK
Date of the Festival: March

7. Guy Fawkes Day
In this Festival all the public parks are filled with people and bonfires are arranges on large numbers. Guy Fawkes and his band blow up England’s parliament building. Kids wave sparkles and dress up the traditional costumes. London parks are the best place to witness holidays of London UK.

Location of the Festival: London, UK
Date of the Event: November 5th.

8. St Patrick’s Day
As we know, St Patrick was the patron saint of Irish people , and the day he was born ,is celebrated is everywhere in the world living Irishmen. This event takes place with a lot pf green clothes, plenty of parades and traditionally hitting the pubs in search of Ireland’s black stout Guinness. Irish people perform in this festival and fireworks are done.
Date of the Festival: 14th March

9. Shetland Folk Festival
Scottish celebrate the Shetland Folk Festival on Scottish Shetland Island. This Festival includes British and international music. People and performers along with visitors come from all around the world in this festival in UK. Plenty of concerts and events take place, and on an overnight ferry, the opening ceremony takes place. This is UK’s most northerly Festival.
Location of the event: Shetland , UK
Date of the Event:2nd May to 5th May.

10. New Year’s Eve
New Years Eve is celebrated almost all around the World. At Trafalgar Square in the heart of the city new years Eve is celebrated in UK,People jump on the fountain to the freezing water in the night at pilgrim . Fireworks are the main part of it. People get to gather at the same time and count down to the new year is the most exciting part.
Date of the festival: 31st December.