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Cleaner jobs in Canada, 500 plus jobs announced

Indeed is the world’s most famous website that deals with jobs. We worked to find out jobs from indeed that are available to work for all countries.

The well settled company of Canada introduced numbers of jobs for the people who have no education but want to make their career. These jobs are available for citizens of all countries. The good thing is that no education and any type of experience is required for this job.

These jobs are all about cleaners required in homes, official areas as well as in commercial areas with good salary packages


Their is no basic education or any type of experience is required for the job the one thing that required is hard work and diligent employee.

Salary packages

Salary announced by the company for cleaner is starting from 15$ to 25$ depending upon the work and credit hour of an employee. Salary will be increased by time and scale.

Time duration of the job will depend upon the criteria of the job.


As with salary packages many other allowances are announced by the company such as

  • Well furnished residence will be provided by company
  • Transport will be free
  • Medical will also be free
  • Salary will be increased by time

Rules and regulations

Company have some rules and regulations and these rules are mandatory for employee

These will  be contract base jobs. Company will strictly announced that employee will not allowed to leave the job before ending of the contract period. and he will also not allowed to do part time job with other company.

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How to apply

We worked to find out these jobs from that are available to work about jobs for ball countries.