Capital of UK London

Capital of UK London

Nickname: British Nation’s Capital (The Smoke)
Population (as of 2019): 8,787,892
Capital: London is capital of England
Abbreviation: Word London was derived from a Latin word “Londinium”.
Bird: The official Bird of district is “Bald eagle”
flower: official flower of state is “rose”

History Of London
Romans founded the city of London and they ruled there from 43 AD to the fifth century AD, till the empire fell. When third century started,
Romans gave the name to the town Londinium, City has the population 50,000 at that time.
In 1067, with and conquering of England, the newly crowned King of England, William Duke of Normandy established existing rights, laws and privileges. During William’s reign The Tower of London was built.
In 1199, self-government was established by King John, and in 1215 the election system to elect the mayor every year was introduced.
For many years, there was not any capital city of England. Later, central government were moved to Westminster near London. Later on London was made Capital city.
Geography and Land Forms
UK is geographically small but historically wide. It covers almost two-thirds of the island of UK, Scotland is to the north and Wales to the west. Four bodies of Water surrounding
1. the Atlantic Ocean
2. English Channel
3. North Sea
4. the Irish Sea
In England no spot comes more than 80 miles away from tidal waters. It includes rolling hills, fertile valleys, waterlogged marshland and sloping plains.

The famous landmarks are
• The Pennines
• Cumbrian Mountains
• Cheviot Hills

• The Fens
• Big Ben
• Buckingham Palace
• Coca-Cola London eye
• Towers bridge
• Trafalgar square

Places Tourists Love to Visit in London:
1. BUCKINGHAM PALACE (Palace in Westminster)
One of the top places tourists love to visit in London UK is Buckingham Palace. It is so much interesting to see where queen used to live. If you are really interested to learn about London it is a great idea to start from the royal place.
2. CAMDEN MARKET EXPERIENCE (Eclectic market, London)
If you are looking for the things to do in London for free, You must visit Camden market experience and see eclectic handmade jewelry, vintage homeware, printed t-shirts, and more. The market is also famous for its street food stalls having everything like vegan curries and waffles.
3. BIG BEN SIGHTSEEING TOUR (Clock tower, London)
You will be surprised to know that Big ben is the nickname of the bell inside the tower , The tower was officially named as Elizabeth Tower. If you want to know how did it get this name, you must visit Big Ben, It will be a great day for you, believe me.

At London Shard you can go to 95th floor in an elevator in just one minute. Isn’t it amazing?
The Shard is a glass made skyscraper on the city of London. It is also the the tallest building in Western Europe.
5. RIVER THAMES CRUISE (The longest river in England)
If you are looking for the things London offering, the best place to visit is the very heart of the London, the River Thames. This famous waterway of London is 215 miles long.
6. JACK THE RIPPER TOUR (Adventure city game, London)
If you are ready to have an adventurous weekend then you must have a look at the story of Jack the ripper.
It is an Adventure game city.
7. MADAME TUSSAUDS (Wax museum, London)
Can you imagine on this earth to have a picture with Tom Hardy, E.T, Ed Sheeran, The Incredible Hulk, and you’ll also see the Queen there. Madame Tussauds is the place Where you can rub your shoulders with celebs. In this famous museum you will have a chance to bump in the famous personalities around the world.

Important Facts About London:
1. In London more than 300 languages are being spoken.
2. Big Ben is just a name of the bell. It is actually the Clock Tower.
3. If you die in the Parliament house, it’s not illegal.
4. Jack the Ripper never being caught by the Police.
5. A third of Europe’s population was killed by the great Plague.
6. Six ravens have a home in tower in London.
7. The Underground system of London is Train , But it was first decided that it would be water based.
8. Only 6 people died in great fire of London.
9. Black cab drivers have to give test where they must be known to each street of the London.
10. In biggest statues, London has a smallest statue of two rats having a fight on the piece of a cheese.
11. It is banned to feed pigeons in Trafalgar Square.
12. There are more than 170 Museums in London.