University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge also known as Cambridge University is the top ranked university of United Kingdom as well as in the whole world due to its research and other facilities. This university was founded in 1209 and has celebrated its 800th anniversary recently. This is the 2nd oldest university of English speaking in the world. Cambridge University is located at 88.5km or 55 miles north of London and the M11 motorway used for transportation from London to Cambridge you can also travel to Cambridge from London by train and this journey takes 45-minutes. Cambridge is 48 kilometer away from Stansted Airport. Every college of this university provides different facilities to its students because the colleges have a computer suite which is linked to the university network and available for email and work at any time. Each college also has its own library which contains the standard texts needed for course of undergraduates and other materials. Cambridge provides distant and excellent library facilities in every department.

The University of Cambridge is the second-most established college in the English-talking world and is viewed as one of the world’s best five colleges. The University of Cambridge is an individual from the Russell Group, a system of research-drove British colleges; the Coimbra Group, a relationship of driving European colleges; the League of European Research Universities; and the International Alliance of Research Universities. It is additionally considered piece of the “Brilliant Triangle”, a geological grouping of driving exploration colleges.

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As a university college, Cambridge is uncommon for having no grounds and accordingly is basically a gathering of 31 self-administering schools going under one Cambridge flag. Every school is a piece of Cambridge while being to a great extent free. They designate their own showing staff and colleagues in each subject, choose which understudies to concede, give the supervision instructing to students, and are in charge of the household courses of action and welfare of understudies and staff. Picking the correct school is urgent, both to guarantee the understudy win a place, and furthermore guaranteeing the degree is a fruitful one. Cambridge has delivered 89 Nobel champs to date, more than some other college, while Trinity College alone has created more Nobel Prize victors than France. College of Cambridge is additionally the third greatest landowner in the nation, after the Queen and the Church of England.

Admission requirements

You can take admission in this top ranked university if you have standard entrance ability. For science courses you need to have A*A*A* in 3 A-level subjects (excluding Behavioral Sciences and Psychological), and for arts courses you need to have A*AA including Behavioral Sciences and Psychological. A test for example BMAT or a college-based test can be taken by the applicant. Interview process is also applicable for undergraduate students.

Services for International Students

Schools, Colleges and Universities are the fundamental purpose of contact for understudies, and change in their introduction courses of action. Close by this, bolster is accessible from understudy social orders and volunteer graduated class gatherings, which run fresher gatherings all through September to acquaint understudies with each other and college life. The International Student Team runs an introduction program towards the beginning of every scholarly year to offer data about the college, in addition to offer the opportunity to meet other universal understudies. The Teachers speak to global understudies at the University of Cambridge. The gathering invites new universal understudies as they touch base in the city, and get-togethers are sorted out consistently. 1,300 worldwide understudies from 65 nations are at present enlisted at Cambridge


Convenience is served by every school exclusively, and differs unequivocally. Most schools claim houses and pads inside Cambridge, yet can likewise offer spaces for students for each of the three years of study. The Accommodation Service is additionally accessible to help sort out private leased settlement in the town.


Cambridge is a substantial town in Cambridge shire, around 80km north of London. It is commanded by the college structures, which have been a piece of the town’s history for more than 800 years. Cambridge is a little city and the majority of the schools and offices are vital to each other. A transport benefit interfaces them, while Cambridge is renowned worldwide for being a standout amongst the most bike inviting urban areas in the nation. Via air, Cambridge is served by four noteworthy air terminals: Stansted, Luton, Heathrow and Gatwick. There are National Express mentor administrations to Cambridge from every one of the four airplane terminals. There are likewise immediate trains from London which take around 60 minutes.


  • Sir Isaac Newton (Physicist, mathematician)
  • Charles Darwin (Naturalist)
  • John Milton (Poet)
  • Stephen Hawking (Physicist)
  • Bertrand Russell (Philosopher)


Cambridge is by a long shot the wealthiest college in the UK and in the entire of Europe, with a blessing of £5.89 billion of every 2014. This is comprised of around £2.3 billion fixing straightforwardly to the college and £3.6 billion to the universities. Starting at 2014, the following wealthiest, the University of Oxford, had an enrichment esteemed at around £4.4 billion. Every school is an autonomous altruistic foundation with its own gift, isolate from that of the focal college enrichment. On the off chance that positioned on a US college gift table on latest figures, Cambridge would rank fifth contrasted and the eight Ivy League foundations (subject to showcase changes) and in the best 10 with all US colleges (barring totaled system wide enrichments in Texas). Correlations between Cambridge’s gift and those of other best US colleges are, be that as it may, incorrect on the grounds that being an incompletely state-supported state funded college.

Course Flexibility of university of Cambridge

In the initial years of study courses cover the subject very broadly but in the later years courses become more specified within a wide range of choices. Cambridge university online courses, university online library and jobs facilities make this university more desirable.

Teaching Standards of this university

Cambridge is considered as an international home of excellence in teaching and research. The teaching strategies of this university are under the supervision of a senior member of the university with small group tutorials and this is a unique advantage of this University.

Cambridge Research Standards

According to Research Assessment Exercise in 2008 Cambridge University is responsible to produce 71% of world excellent research and this is the highest proportion of excellent researches in the United Kingdom. Due to new major faculty, accommodation and research facilities more than £430 million are used for development program.

Academic Strengths of Cambridge

89 Nobel Prize winners had produced by this university. A highest level of graduate employment in the UK is associated with this university.

Students’ Union

Student union represents the interests of Cambridge student at a university level, support for all students and to provide central services.


A wide range of sports facilities include courts, playing fields, boathouses and other facilities like multi-gyms are present in colleges and schools of this university.

This university also provides disability Services, it has a Disability Resource Centre. You can find out disability service on the Website of Cambridge University email; [email protected]

Telephone; 01223 332301 and fax; 01223 766863

You can also find out more information about this university at its official website as following

Web; ,

Email; [email protected]

Phone number; +44 (0) 1223 333308

Address; University of Cambridge; Cambridge Admissions Office Fitzwilliam House 32 Trumpington Street Cambridge CB2 1QY

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