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Banks and Public Holidays in UK

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Public and bank holiday in UK

This article is related to the culture of UK because banks and public holidays are concerned with some important and unique days or festivals of UK, so you can also take this article as UK festivals.  In this article I will discuss about the holidays of UK, including Public and bank official holidays and specific days known as British Summer time. As we know that UK has 4 distinct countries named England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. And a very interesting thing about these countries is that England, Wales and Northern Ireland share common banks and public holidays but Scotland also has many other holidays, which are celebrated in particular regions of this country.

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There are total 10 public holidays which are referred to as Bank holidays in Northern Ireland and among these total holidays, 8 holidays are also common in England and Wales.

Day of MonthName of Public or bank holiday
1st  JanuaryNew Year’s Day
17th of  MarchSt. Patrick’s Day (only Northern Ireland)
Variable not confirm dayGood Friday which is common Traditional law holiday
Easter Monday which is Statutory bank holiday
1st  Monday of MayMay Day Bank Holiday
Last Monday of  MaySpring Bank Holiday which is Statutory bank holiday
12th of  JulyBattle of the Boyne (Day of Orangeman) only in Northern Ireland
Last Monday of AugustLate Summer Bank Holiday which is Statutory bank holiday
25th of  DecemberChristmas Day which is Traditional Common law holiday
26th of  DecemberBoxing Day which is  Statutory bank holiday
27th of  DecemberStatutory bank holiday if Christmas day is on Saturday or Sunday
28th of  DecemberStatutory bank holiday only in that year in which 26th of December is either on a Sunday or Saturday.


Most banks of Scotland don’t have recognized holidays, as public holidays and Family Holidays in uk are usually measured by local authorities across this city. Some of these holidays may be taken as statutory holidays while others may be additional, but many companies such as Royal Mail, do not accept all the holidays which are listed below, despite that there are many confusions between local and English holidays. On Easter Monday Scotland has been celebrating their public holiday since 1996 just like England and Wales. Before 1996 there was no public holiday on Easter Monday which is the last Monday of August.

In the table below you can easily find out the name of public holidays and specific days of all months on which these holidays can be celebrated by the Scottish people. Some of these holidays are applicable in all over the country but some are concise to the specific region of Scotland.

Date of MonthHoliday’s name
1 January and 2 JanuaryDay of New Year
1st Monday of FebruaryWinter Holiday
Variable days of Easter HolidaysGood Friday and Easter Monday
1st  Monday of April,2nd  Monday of  April, 3rd  Monday of  April and Last Monday of AprilSpring Holiday
1st  Monday of MayLabour Day or Early May Holiday of bank
Tuesday after 1st  Monday of May, Last Monday  before 24th of  May, 4th  Monday of May, Last Monday of May and 1st  Monday of JuneVictoria Day
Tuesday after 2nd  Thursday of JuneLinlithgow Marches
June 2nd ThursdayLanimer Day
Last Monday of June, Saturday before 1st  Monday of July and 1st  Monday of JulyFair Holiday
1st Friday of  JulyBraw Lads Gathering
2nd  Monday of July, 3rd Monday of July and 4th  Friday of  July and last Monday of JulyFair Holiday
1st  Monday of AugustPaisley
1st  Monday of  SeptemberLate Summer Holiday
2nd  Monday of SeptemberBattle of Stirling Bridge
September 3rd  Friday and Monday which came after September 3rd  FridayAyr Gold Cup
September 3rd  Monday, September last Monday, October 1st  Monday, October 2nd  Monday and October 3rd  MondayAutumn Holiday
 November 1st MondaySamhain holiday
30 NovemberSt. Andrew’s Day
25 DecemberChristmas Day
26 DecemberBoxing Day

Bank Official Holidays of Scotland are:

There are total 9 Holidays in this table which are considered as banks Official Holidays by Scottish people.

DateName of Bank official holiday
1st JanuaryNew Year’s Day
2nd  JanuaryNew Year Holiday
2nd JanuaryGood Friday
1st  Monday in MayMay Day
Last Monday in MaySpring Holiday
1st Monday in AugustSummer Holiday
30 NovemberSt. Andrew’s Day
25 DecemberChristmas Day
26 DecemberBoxing Day

There are holidays as well, which are given below:

Christmas Holidays  

The one day off when London UK feels calm is on Christmas Day (25 December) and Boxing Day (26 December). There is no open transport on Christmas Day, and a lessened administration on Boxing Day and the Christmas bank occasions. Most London attractions and shops and numerous eateries are shut on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Easter Holidays

On Easter Sunday, expansive shops need to near to law. Little shops, drug stores, air terminal and prepare station shops are permitted to open. There might be lessened open transport over the Easter bank occasions. Most attractions will be open over Easter.

School Holidays

School term dates change from year to year and contrast from school to class. There are some of the time contrasts between term dates for neighborhood expert run schools and free schools. Generally, there are three school terms, with short mid-term (half term) breaks and a more extended break over the mid year:

Summer Holidays

Late July to early September is the holidays of summer in UK.

Harvest time half term

Last seven day stretch of October is the holiday for Harvesting in UK. People enjoy it very much.

Christmas Holidays

Late December to early January are celebrated the holidays of Christmas. These ten days are like a festival for the people of UK.

Spring half term: one week in mid-February

Easter occasions: two weeks either side of Easter Sunday

Summer half term: one week end of May/early June

There are further contrasts with numerous neighborhood experts now receiving a standard school year. This is comprised of six terms, each of a comparable length.

Bank holidays in UK

Here is the complete summary of UK holidays for your facility. You can get it on a single click and know whether it’s a holiday or not. Please see below:

DateBank holidayRegionDay
January 1st, 2017New Year’s DayNationwideSunday
January 2nd, 2017Substitute day (for New Year’s Day)England
Northern Ireland
January 2nd, 20172nd JanuaryScotlandMonday
January 3rd, 2017Substitute day (for New Year’s Day)ScotlandTuesday
March 17th, 2017St Patrick’s DayNorthern IrelandFriday
April 14th, 2017Good FridayNationwideFriday
April 17th, 2017Easter MondayEngland
Northern Ireland
May 1st, 2017Early May Bank Holiday (May Day)NationwideMonday
May 29th, 2017Spring Bank HolidayNationwideMonday
July 12th, 2017Battle of the Boyne (The Twelfth/
Orangemen’s Day)
Northern IrelandWednesday
August 7th, 2017August Bank Holiday (Scotland)ScotlandMonday
August 28th, 2017August Bank HolidayEngland
Northern Ireland
November 30th, 2017St Andrew’s DayScotlandThursday
December 25th, 2017Christmas DayNationwideMonday
December 26th, 2017Boxing DayNationwideTuesday

We hope this article helped you.

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