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As some of us don’t know that UK is on the southern part of the Europe and is made up of 4 separate nations that are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In this article we will tell you some facts about United Kingdom that you have never heard of. Did you know that 37.6m people use internet in United Kingdom? Almost Every person in the UK, use the internet on daily bases. As most of you know that UK is going very fast in the field of medicine and disease treatment but still there are more than 50,000 people who are living with HIV Aids. The average age calculated in the UK is 40 years. Below are some of the facts about UK that you need to know before visiting UK.

Some Facts About UK

  • The national Anthem of United Kingdom is God Save the Queen.
  • The Lake that covers the biggest part of the land is Windermere.
  • Did you know that English people are tea addicts and there is no other country or nation who can compete them.
  • River Thames is the longest river in the UK and has more than 200 bridges.
  • Did you know that London was established by the Romans and was first named as Londonium.
  • UK is the first country that appeared as an industrialized nation.
  • United Kingdom is almost 75 times smaller than US.
  • Pound sterling is the official currency used in the UK.
  • The dominating religion in UK is Christianity and the official language is English.
  • The National day is celebrated on the Birthday of the beloved Queen of UK.
  • Did you know that drinking too much in a pub is against the law in UK.
  • UK introduced soccer, polo and Rugby to the whole world for the first time.
  • Enormous Ben does not allude to the clock, but rather really the ringer.
  • London has been called Londonium, Ludenwic, and Ludenburg before.
  •  French was the official dialect for around 300 years
  • The briefest war against England was with Zanzibar in 1896. Zanzibar surrendered following 38 minutes.
  •  There is no place in Britain that is more than 74.5 miles from the ocean.
  •  The principal phone registry distributed in England contained 25 names.
  •  While the Great Fire of London was to a great extent dangerous, the setback rate was only 8.
  •  The primary and first hot chocolate store opened in London.
  •  There are more than 300 dialects talked in England.
  •  The English drink more tea than any other person on the planet.
  •  In the Medieval Times, creatures can be put on trial for wrongdoings (and be condemned to death!)
  • “The Star Spangled Banner” (the American national song of devotion) was made by an Englishman.
  •  “Pygg” used to signify “mud” in long time past day English. Individuals kept their coins in earth jolts that were called “pygg jugs,” which have advanced into what we at present call piggy banks.
  •  Foreboding figures were initially utilized as deplete channels!
  •  Buckingham Palace has its own police headquarters.
  •  Chickens dwarf people in England.

Olympic Facts

  • London facilitating the 2012 Olympics is the first run through a city has ever facilitated the Olympics three times.
  • The London 2012 Olympics is the first occasion when that each nation has no less than 1 female competitor.
  • The London Olympic Stadium is the lightest stadium on the planet.
  • Survival by Muse is the official tune of the recreations.
  • It’s normal that 4 billion individuals will watch the opening service (the greater part the number of inhabitants on the planet!)
  • Games gear utilized as a part of the Olympics will be offered away to philanthropy.
  • The gold awards utilized are really 93% silver and 1.3% gold.

Facts about Royal Family

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  • Windsor Castle is the biggest illustrious home on the planet.
  • The Queen has 30 god youngsters.
  • The Queen claims every one of the sturgeons, whales and dolphins in the waters inside 3 miles from the UK.
  • The Queen sent her first email in 1976.
  • Ruler William needed to wind up plainly a cop when he was more youthful.
  • He additionally has his own postage stamp.
  • It’s considered conspiracy to put a stamp bearing the King or Queen’s picture topsy turvy.
  • Sovereign William paid $200 to sit in the front line and watch Kate in the form appear.
  • Kate Middleton is susceptible to steeds.
  • As per, when Kate was more youthful, the young men in her school evaluated her 2 out of 10 for looks and identity.
  • Sovereign William had a publication of Baby Spice on his boarding room divider.
  • Sovereign Harry got stuck in an unfortunate situation for dressing as a Nazi to an outfit party.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • William the Conqueror requested everybody to be in their beds by 8 pm.
  • 80,000 umbrellas are relied upon to be lost every year in the London tube.
  • There are more than 30,000 individuals with the name John Smith in England.
  • Rudolf Hess was the last detainee kept in the Tower of London.
  • Britain has the most noteworthy rate of stoutness in Europe.
  • Britain brought the world soccer, rugby and polo.
  • The most noteworthy temperature at any point recorded in England was 38.5 degrees in Kent in 2003.
  • The primary fish sticks and French fries eatery was opened in 1860 by a Jewish foreigner.
  • Britain is 74 times less than the USA.
  • The English developed the world’s most punctual railroads.
  • The Beatles initially called themselves the Blackjacks, and after that the Quarrymen.
  • Bristol is known as the “Seattle of England” as a result of its childhood culture and design.
  • Britain is thought of as having the world’s most exceedingly awful nourishment.

UK is one of the leading economies in the world and has the most business opportunities than any other country on the globe. There are many countries carrying the same features as the UK but what makes UK so special is its oldest cathedrals, heavy stone structures and cold evening walks with the best hot chocolate in the world, farmers that hold 75% of the total land of UK, beautiful valleys and the good people of the shires. As I speak of the chocolate did you know that a shop in UK introduced hot chocolate for the first time to the whole world. You will be shocked to know that there are people in UK who work very hard 5 days a week just to watch their favorite football team win. People are crazy about football and during the leagues they just work, drink and watch football which is the most interesting thing we should like about these people. The UK has one of the best education systems of the world, highest rate of jobs offered, a standard living, Best Universities giving quality education. Then why shouldn’t we go for UK? I am not trying to convince you that you strictly should go to UK and enjoy the rest of your life there, I am just trying to aware you about the facts that can be very beneficial for your future so Apply now, get your study and immigration visa and fly to UK.

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